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Removable Double Sided Pallet Tape(Screen Printing Platen Adhesive Tape)


Removable Double sided pallet tape eliminates the use of pallet glue or aerosol adhesives by having it's own adhesive on the top side, making it a quicker and cleaner alternative for shorter runs on press

you can stop using messy cleaners to remove ink, lint, and adhesive from your pallets during a production run. Instead, apply a fresh layer of pallet tape to the pallet prior to printing. The tape not only reduces surface variables but helps make the clean up quick and easy! Simply rip off the old tape and apply a fresh layer when needed. A must-have for every print shop!

Double Sided Pallet Tape is a re-useable and removable, double sided tape holds cotton, polyester, nylon, fleece and more in place on the pallet.

It holds textiles on screen printing pallets, dtg platens, plastic and metal to computerized engraving and CNC tables, fabrication of golf club grips and general purpose bonding