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Triangle Suede 1601 White for Plastisol Ink


Triangle Suede 1601 White for Plastisol Ink

Tri-Suede Puff 1600 Series plastisol is formulated for direct printing of athletic and leisure garments to give a raised tri-dimensional effect with a distinctive “suede-like texture” when cured. The final result is softer than traditional puff effects and has greater elasticity for screen printing ink.

Directions For Triangle Suede 1601 White for Plastisol Ink

Stock: For direct prints, knit and woven T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, fleece goods, and bandanna stock may all be used for screen printing supplies. These inks are also suitable for use on cap printing.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep away from heat. Do not use this screen printing ink near dryers or flash units.

The Puff Bases will accommodate up to 25% of the Plastisol Pigment Concentrates. The PuffConcentrates are used by adding 10-15 parts by weight to ready-for-use inks. This addition will cause the color of the ink to change, and the more used, the more effective it will have on the color.