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WS43 Water Wash Orange Plates 5-Pack


WS43 is a steel-backed, photo polymer nylon coated, water wash pad printing plate. The total thickness of the plate is .43mm. The WS-43 is easy to image and gives very good detail. When properly exposed and dried, the plate is easy to clean. The WS-43 can be expected to yield upwards of 15,000 -20,000 impressions. Plates available in packs of 5.


    • The photo polymer color is a medium-orange.


    • The maximum emission from the UV light source should be between 360-380 mm.


    • Washout plate using a flat container filled with water and a plush brush to  remove unexposed and dissolved material.


    •  The water can be straight from the tap.





    • Art Exposure time: 90-120 seconds (Using the All American EB-320 plate exposure unit)


    • Screen Tint Exposure time: 90-120 seconds (less time for more depth/more time for less depth in the etch)


    • Washout time: (using warm water) 2-3 minutes at 25-30° C/ 75-85° F.


    • Drying time: minimum of 20 minutes at 80° C / 175° F


    • Post Exposure time: minimum of 20-30 minutes