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“Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”

― Michael Josephson

Happy New Year! As we usher in 2024 and gear up for the ISS Long Beach Impressions Expo this month, we would be remiss not to mention our significant Open House event the following weekend at our new California branch location in Cerritos. It's just a quick drive down the road from the Long Beach Convention Center.

In what has become an annual tradition every year after the big trade show, we host our own convention of sorts, and they are always such a blast! For visiting guests in town for the Impressions show, as well as all our local friends, customers, and vendors, the All American Open House should definitely be on your list of January events this year. Expect trade show-style floor model deals, tacos, and prizes. It's going to be lit.

If you have never been to an All American Open House or perhaps trade shows just aren’t your thing, THIS IS THE ONE TO COME TO. At these interactive in-house events, we showcase a wider range of equipment and offer direct one-on-one consultations, guiding you through the entire process for how these machines can help your business. This year, in particular, we look forward to sharing our full range of direct-to-film printing equipment, including DTF Station's desktop Prestige A4, 13” R2, 16” L2, 24” XL2, and more. The technology has seen such advancement that we could easily throw an entire event built just around DTF. Between the assortment of powder machines, drying ovens, films, and powders, expect direct-to-film (and UV direct to film) to continue being the star of this and most printing events this year.

Even with all the hype on direct to film, that does not mean we forgot about Direct to Garment! This past year saw the release of two highly anticipated HYBRID DTG/DTF printers from Epson, and those will be on full display. The brand-new and value-packed F2270 has been wowing crowds since its release this past season, loaded with new features to increase efficiency in operation and streamline both direct-to-garment and direct-to-film printing. The big brother to the F2270 also made its stateside debut: the F3070 MAX. It is a true successor to the discontinued F3070, with key upgrades, including:

-Revamped white ink circulation system

-Updated Garment Creator 2 RIP software

-4x resolution boost for DTF printing

-Standard 3-year warranty

-White glove delivery + installation

That’s two surefire ways to offer the best quality direct-to-garment printing available on the market and offer direct-to-film services with one machine. In addition, DTF Station just rolled out its all-new RIP software upgrade: DigiRIP Hybrid to truly unlock what these machines are capable of. Faster RIP time, intuitive build design element features, seamless integration of DTF/DTG print options, unique color-profiled print queues for individual films, and more. You have to see this in person, and it will be on full display on both machines.

Okay, we talked about the stars of the show; now let’s get to my favorite parts: TACOS + PRIZES. Once again, we are proud to announce our famous taco man will be on-site on day one, serving up delicious treats to all those in attendance. If you haven’t had them yet, now is the time. Day two is always a fun one, as we have a raffle prize drawing for all those in attendance. Come on by January 26-27 to our CA Branch Open House at 17511 Valley View, Cerritos, CA, and see what all the hype is about.

Don't miss out! Register for our open house HERE. See you there!

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