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"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering." 

― Bill Gates

When it comes to DTF, there are three other letters that are almost just as important: RIP. Specifically, RIP software (Raster Image Processing) is how your computer communicates with your direct-to-film printer, telling it what to do. These specialized programs have a crucial role: translating your beautiful graphics into a language the printer can understand and, in turn, produce with ink. With DTF, many factors contribute to a good print: the correct layering of ink, the proper amount of ink, and the right formulation of C, M, Y, K, W ink to create beautiful works of art. Whether it's a hybrid direct-to-film/direct-to-garment printer like the Epson line or the dedicated roll machines from DTF Station, there's only one program we trust: DigiRIP.

Let's start by mentioning that DigiRIP (like most RIP software) is only available for Windows. We do not recommend using third-party workarounds for Mac computers. For optimal performance, run it on a Windows PC. Powered by CADLink, DigiRIP has quickly become the direct-to-film RIP software of choice for various machines. Its familiar and user-friendly interface makes DTF printing a smooth and easy process with reliable results. Fan-favorite features include:

  • A much broader color gamut for achieving difficult tones, supporting both CMYK and RGB for better matching and accuracy.
  • A "Supersize Image" feature that transforms low-resolution graphics into more printable resolutions.
  • The ability to produce transfers for dark garments as easily as for white material, thanks to auto black removal and blending.
  • Full-color management control over colors + white, including ink levels and ICC profiles.

Speaking as a non-graphic designer, I personally appreciate the multitude of design software-style features included. With no formal training in the graphic design field, functions such as easy fluid mask/background removal, "knock me out black," and "knock me out color" are significant aids. We're looking at around 30 total plugins and effects for editing and printing on the fly, all in one software. You don't see that every day.

Through the careful curation of quality-tested and safety-certified film options for our DTF customers, we understand on a comprehensive level that films behave differently. With this in mind, DigiRIP was built with unique printing profiles to get the best results out of the best films. DigiRIP also includes built-in templates for sizing, like pockets, or you can create more of your own for later use. For those who like to dive into the nuts and bolts of their programs, you have full control to dial in custom settings that work for YOUR artwork and can be saved as a unique printing queue for easy access in the future.

From an efficiency standpoint, DigiRIP really stands out. For busy print shops running multiple machines, using one easy-to-use program is a time saver. Fully integrated modules for direct-to-film and direct-to-garment printing are available at the click of a button. To further streamline the production process, barcode automation is an available option as well. The Hybrid edition of DigiRIP is great for easily toggling between direct-to-film and direct-to-garment printing with award-winning machines like the Epson line of printers.

DigiRIP Hyrbid was built with optimization in mind. Here at All American we are big fans of using our equipment however we can to get the most of them. It’s no surprise with my heavy direct to garment background I actually learned how to print DTF on a DTG. Back then it took work arounds, patches and LOTS of fine tune adjustments in the print settings. Thankfully those days are long gone. With DigiRIP Hyrbid you can smoothly toggle between ideal settings for DTG on black, dark or white garments AND direct to film printing profiles at the click of a button. All the above features that make this such a hit with DTF can all be applied to DTG. Truly an all in one RIP software that works for YOU.

 A free trial is available now - what are you waiting for?

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