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I never thought I would see the day Epson released a sub-$10,000 hybrid direct-to-garment/direct-to-film printer (let alone a sub-$7,000 printer). And I really didn’t expect it to be available in DESKTOP sizing. To say this is big news would be an understatement. Debuting this spring, for the very first time, entry-level DTG/DTF printing from the industry’s leading warranty provider. Offering different tiers for this sort of digital printing is great news for the print world as a whole, and over the last few months, we have been getting might acquainted with the Epson F1070.

Coming fresh off the heels of last year's F2270 release comes not quite a successor but rather a different option for an entirely separate market to begin printing direct-to-garment and direct-to-film. Premium printing methods like DTG have always come at a premium price point, especially from Epson, and while the value was certainly justified, the fact of the matter is a large percentage of printing businesses were simply priced out of this technology. Well, no more - now available for the price of some white toner laser machines, we are about to see an entire new demographic join in DTG production. Similar in design to the F2270, the F1070 also utilizes many of the new features found in the bigger machine. These include:

  • Auto Garment Height Adjustment: minimizing manual user changes
  • UltraChrome DG2 ink: cartridge-free for clear, vibrant prints on DTG and DTF
  • PrecisionCore Micro TFP printhead: same as the F2270
  • Full-color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Auto fabric head wiper system
  • Garment Creator 2 software
  • Epson Cloud Solution PORT: live production monitoring and job costing
  • Hybrid DTG/DTF printing built-in

Personally, the auto garment height adjustment feature is such a time saver. Being able to switch between a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sheet of DTF film without having to manually lower and raise the platen is really nice. There are sensors inside the printer that detect the high and low points of whatever is loaded to calculate the optimum height for the print head to safely and effectively print beautiful high-resolution graphics.

Gone are the days of ink cartridges in favor of a more efficient pouch system, essentially combining the features of a bulk bag and cartridge security, and the new DG2 ink formula (which also flows through the F2270 and F3070) prints vibrant images consistently. Do want to mention this new ink solution will be printed on the same printhead used in the bigger F2270 also.

Garment Creator 2 - having worked with this software for some time now, it is super easy to toggle between DTF and DTG printing at the touch of a button with built-in quality settings ready to use. The program even auto-mirrors the images, which is a nice convenience. Fun fact: it is OUR direct-to-film print media that was used by the engineers in Japan to dial in the correct amount of ink settings for the DTF print quality options. That’s pretty cool.

All this available in a compact design measuring a petite 35” x 28” x 17”, suitable for a desktop. Take the high-end look and feel of Epson DTG as well as seamless direct-to-film printing backed by a full bumper-to-bumper warranty home at a price point previously unheard of. Things are going to get interesting. Coming this May 2024, preorders are going out now for the first batch, so head over to for more info!

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