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“The reward of a thing well done is having done it.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

     Epson commercial printers and winning awards just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? To close the trade show circuit at the end of this past year, Epson grabbed one more trophy for the road. Taking home the Printing United Pinnacle Production Product Award for the roll to roll dye-sublimation category with the debut of the new F6400 line of industrial machines. I did mention “LINE” of printers as they have debuted an entirely brand new line of these machines for the sublimation print shop looking for the very best: the F6470. At the recent Impressions Expo in Long Beach we had a chance to get up close and personal with the machines and as the first distributor to list these printers, we wanted to do a quick breakdown.

     What caught my attention on the SureColor F6470 was the output speed: up to 820 sq ft/hr, which is a considerable jump from the previous gen’s 680 sq ft/hr (F6370). For the large service provider, this printer is built to perform and keep up with any production volume. Furthermore, I would go on to say this printer is print shop growth-friendly, as this output can scale with your business when things get busier. To touch on maintenance, both the PE model and the H typically need about 5 minutes per month of attention in the user-friendly accessible maintenance area right in the front of the machine.

     Plus, the machines keep getting smarter. Newly updated PrecisionCore Printheads that are 20% larger than the previous generation come standard with Nozzle Verification tech to stay on top of any clogs that can affect print quality and consistency. For those who may have run earlier models of the Epson large format dye sub printers, this is for you - NO MORE POURING INK INTO TANKS! The F6400 line utilizes an updated 1.6L airtight ink pack system with microchip and filtration tech, lessening the chance of dust, fibers or debris getting into the printer.

     Software workflow is what ties all the pieces of a print solution together. How do we manage this previously unheard of print speed? Say hello to Epson Edge Print PRO, now standard with the F6400 sublimation line. This is a user-friendly program that features an Adobe PDF Print Engine for maximum job compatibility, which includes job nesting, pattern repeats, custom color libraries, and more. Need to match a high profile account’s exact color scheme? The available Epson SD-10 spectrophotometer is here to help. Need to create a custom color palette? Analyzing and comparing print results sits in the palm of your hand in a simple and portable solution to these sorts of situations.

    Aside from the above mentioned features, F7400 dye sub printer series owners will also enjoy a more streamlined experience thanks to a humongous 4.3” full color touchscreen control panel, a built-in cutter for easy roll-to-sheet convenience, and a media take-up reel system for unattended printing - all backed by the industry leading warranty protection plan Epson is known for. Got an issue our tech team can’t resolve for you right away, or perhaps something hardware-related needs attention? Epson is on-site at your location within 1-2 business days and any parts, labor, travel, service, or repair is all included. FOR FREE! How do you beat that?

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