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"That last page turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book."

― Toni Sorenson

There is a very unique printer in the direct to film line up on the All American Print Supply website these days. From the intuitive minds at DTF Station comes the 13” direct to film printer to end all 13” DTF printers: the Prestige R2. Continuing on in our DTF desktop printer buyer’s guide comes the latest entry for desktop garment production. Making its stateside debut at the recent Graphics Pro Expo in Long Beach California, the initial response has been great. We do not typically see such high output on machines of this size, but that has all changed.

Personally, when it comes to desktop models, my initial impression is either a.) this is an entry point for beginners graduating from more beginner decorating methods, such as heat transfer vinyl and white toner, or b.) this will be a complimentary piece to an existing business to expand their current offerings. Well, call this option c.) where not only can the affordable price tag and small size be the gateway into direct to film, not only can the fast print speed slot into a operation already with established clientele, the performance of this model can be built around as a standalone focal point for a successful print shop. Of course, with an accompanying powder machine, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s talk specs: this has got to be the smallest direct to film printer to feature a dual print head set up under the hood of the machine. Powered by twin Epson XP600 heavy duty print heads this Prestige boasts an ambitious 27 sq ft./hour print speed through optimized 6 pass color layering. Seeing this roll-fed machine in action is certainly something, as you don’t typically see that sort of production coming out of a printer that measures in at only 29” x 14” x 14”. Yes, it can fit on a desktop. Yes, it runs off standard US 110V. And at only 88 lbs, it can easily be configured in a home work setting or busy print shop. For reference, DTF Station estimates 160 pieces printed in a full 8 hour work day (12” x 14”) achieved with an accompanying powder machine for true roll to roll printing.

At the tradeshow, the Prestige R2 was pumping out transfers while connected to the new Seismo M16. The M line of the Seismo powder machines was engineered for DTF printing entrepreneurs who operate their business with limited workspace and are looking for an affordable powdering machine. This provides an affordable option for those looking to dive into full production on a budget, without sacrificing efficiency. It is worth noting the Seismo M16 is also powered on US 110V electrical, meaning no special wiring or power hookup to run continuous production ANYWHERE. And the entire system, while printing, is very quiet.

Running the Windows-only DigiRIP RIP Software, users can enjoy many design software features to customize and optimize their images, useful nesting functionality to get the most out of your print media, intelligent color knockouts to improve handfeel by using the color of the fabric in the actual design, advanced level rasterization/half-toning, and a whole lot more. Compact yet powerful, this small DTF printer provides everything you need for powerhouse DTF printing. Plus, I love the illuminated front cover flashing ‘Prestige R2, Prestige R2, Prestige R2,’ as the dual print head carriage lays down the perfect amount of ink. Expecting big things this holiday season from the latest innovation by the foremost authority in direct to film: DTF Station. 

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