The Ultimate DTF Printer Package From MUTOH

Direct to Garment Printing vs Direct to Film Printing - What's Best?

What is DTF Printing?


DTG Transfers or more commonly known as Direct To Film (DTF) printing is a new t-shirt printing technology that is transforming the clothing and garment manufacturing and design industry.

Most buyers like you would probably look for the one who can deliver the minimum maintenance yet great speed and quality when printing. That's exactly where DTF printers stand out. 

DTF printing as the name suggests simply is the process of using a DTG printer and instead of directly printing onto the shirt, you print onto a transfer sheet.

Image: Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

What are the Basic Steps in DTF Printing?

We have four main steps for DTF printing:

1. Print on Film

2. Apply the powder

3. Cure the powder

4. Heat Press

First: Print on Film

Insert PET film or Transfer sheet in the printer trays. 

PET films also known as DTF Transfer Films are films with around 0.75mm and available in Cut Sheet (for small scale printing) forms or Rolls (for large scale printing). PET films can also be either hot peel type films or cold peel type films based on temperature. 

Then print the whole image in white on the PET film. 

Second: Apply the powder

Now, we apply the Hot Melt Adhesive Powder on the film that has the printed image on it. 

Hot Melt Adhesive Powder is a white granular material that functions as an adhesive material. It helps to pull together the colored pigments in the printer to the surface of the fabric. 

Once the printing is complete, before the ink dries, apply the Hot Melt Powder onto the print. Move the film around and evenly coat the whole film with powder. Remove the excess powder and flip the film to make sure to remove any excess powder that is still clinging to the film. 

STS Adhesive Powder Shaker Pro helps you automate this process saving you time, effort and cost. Click here to learn more about this equipment and how to install it.

Third: Cure the powder

Then use a Flash Cure to melt the powder [check out Vastex F100 Entry Level Flash Cure Dryer Unit]. Curing ovens are small industrial ovens to melt the printer’s hot melt powder, which then goes on the transfer film. Heat presses are commonly used as an alternative to curing ovens. Just take note to closely press the heat press to the transfer film but not to touch it. 

Fourth: Heat Press

Place the transfer film onto the shirt.  Then take the transfer paper and the blank shirt to a Heat Press

Remove the clear film and voila, it’s done!

What are the Basic Steps in DTF Printing?

Have you heard about the new all in one complete Direct To Film (DTF) printing setup from Mutoh? Consider this printer package as a one-stop-shop for your DTF printing needs. It is best for high volume DTF printing of rich, precise, high resolution Direct To Garment Transfers (DTF).

This DTF printer and TPU adhesive powder, automated shaker and dryer in one has the capacity to produce 36 adult man’s garments in just one hour! It also comes with CMYK WW configuration, and fluorescent ink. 

The ultimate printer bundle we are referring to is STS Mutoh VJ-628D DTF Printer + Adhesive Powder Shaker Package Pro. (Read the full specifications here.)

Talking about inks. This power printer boasts an average ink cost per print ranging from 10 cents to 50 cents per garment. It’s ink comes in 220 milliliter or the one liter bulk bags

And if you are just a beginner in the t-shirt printing business, its user-friendly software is a true winner. Your t-shirt designs are printed and then fed along down to a sensor.  The automatic powder shaker removes any excess powder and pushes through the dryer automatically thereby helping you to be in control of your production - precise and no mistakes.

To prolong the use of this amazing equipment, you must ensure that you adequately maintain it. Watch the video below to learn more on how to easily maintain this ultimate Direct to Film printer.

Get started with your apparel business or scale up  with this exclusive STS Inks DTF System, perfectly designed to be the most cost-effective and hassle-free solution this 2022 for your next big custom t-shirts, apparel and accessories projects and business.

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