Virtual Printer Inspections for Out-of-Warranty or Expired Service Plans

Epson is pleased to announce Epson can now inspect printers based on your  service history, virtually. The Epson Service & Support team can assist with fulfilling inspection requirements when selling Extended Service Programs to customers with an out-of-warranty printer.

The Process:

Epson’s Service Department will determine extended service programs eligibility based on a virtual product inspection. A virtual product inspection requires a review of a printer’s service history, and current diagnostic information (e.g., nozzle check, status sheet, photographed control panel status, etc.).

Please contact Epson directly for this virtual inspection. If you wish to purchase warranty through AA Print Supply, please get approval from Epson first.

Advantages of a Virtual Inspection:

  1. A virtual product inspection reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission for both you and a field technician.
  2. You will not be charged for a virtual product inspection.
  3. A virtual product inspection can be performed within the same day of contact.
  4. Our extended service program team can assist you with the virtual product inspection process.

Support & Resources:

For extended service program related inquiries, please contact the Epson Service Department at: and provide the following information to check if your printer qualifies for a virtual inspection:

  1. Printer Serial Number(s)
  2. Customer Status (Out of Warranty or Expired Service Plan)

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