uv dtf? wHAT IS IT?

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“The next generation has always been and will be better than the previous one.”

― Vitor Belfort

If you are reading this newsletter, you are basically a direct-to-film printing expert. Or you could be; you’re at least in the right place. It is not a stretch to say that DTF has revolutionized the print world forever. Low cost, high-quality graphics on virtually any material you can think of: unlimited colors, unlimited options. And while some hard surface applications are possible, it’s not an end-all-be-all when it comes to printing onto actual objects. Consider what DTF has done so far to the custom apparel market - THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN WITH UV DTF FOR HARD SURFACE GOODS.

For as long as I can remember, sublimation has reigned king over hard surface customizing. What does THAT entail? Sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink, and specially labeled and identified sublimation BLANKS. These hand-picked items have an invisible polymer film coating that allows the chemical reaction of sublimation to work, meaning you can’t just grab an 11 oz coffee mug from the Dollar Tree and make it your own. I almost forgot to mention you do need a heat press. For round objects like drinkware, you need a SPECIAL heat press. Sublimation requires time, temperature, and pressure for about 1-3 minutes. What if I told you UV DTF would let you offer hard surface customizing without the printer, without the paper, without the ink AND without a heat press? Do we have your attention yet?

UV DTF utilizes a UV-curable ink that is printed onto a special film and cured instantly with lamps. From there, a laminator produces full-color, high-resolution, super-durable transfers with almost bulletproof resistance to scratching and abrasion. That’s really all you need. Because these transfers are able to be applied with just a little elbow grease, there is no need for a heat press or specially treated products. BOOM. Now you CAN get that Dollar Tree mug (or anything else in there: clipboards, glassware, decorations, toys - YOU NAME IT).

The Aries 113 from DTF Station is an all-in-one solution for existing businesses to branch out into hard surface goods with just the printer alone. No extra pieces needed. Unlike traditional UV printing, which has been around for a while, the Aries 113 utilizes a roll-to-roll system that passes the film through the print area and then through a built-in laminator, winding up oodles of ready-to-apply, ready-to-store, ready-to-sell transfers that will adhere to almost anything.

Keep production in-house when your clients inquire about custom hard surface goods like pens or promotional items. This is something you really need to see to believe, so be sure to check out our YouTube channel, visit us at aaprintsupplyco.com, or stop by one of our tradeshow stops this week. The future is here and, surprise surprise, the future is DTF.

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