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Direct to Film at its finest

Finding the right DTF printer for your printing business can be intimidating. Luckily, we have them all lined up for you.
Let's find yours.
Prestige A3+ R. Boost your DTF printing potential with the new addition to the Prestige Printer line - the Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer! Print on DTF film rolls or sheets, and speed up your DTF pipeline for efficiency, ease-of-use, and optimal results.

DTF Printers

DTF Printing is a revolutionary technology that combines a heat transfer element with a direct to transfer printer (DTF printer) to bring your designs to life. Direct to Film (the meaning of DTF) is a process where you print an artwork on a special film and transfer said film onto fabric or other textiles utilizing a powder adhesive. NO PRETREATING NECESSARY!

Want more in-depth analysis of each DTF Printer? Check out our detailed videos below and see just what each printer is capable of.

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Discontinued - Epson SureColor F2100 Direct to Garment Printer

Discontinued - Epson SureColor F2100 Direct to Garment Printer


Curing Equipment

DTF Curing Ovens

When it comes to curing transfer films, is a heat press still considered the best method? What are the benefits to choosing an “Oven” over other DTF curing options? The secret is our AA Phoenix DTF Curing Ovens can provide you the best and most efficient workflow for DTF printing. You can cure transfers in this oven while you apply other already cured transfers with your heat press.

We are proud to introduce the AA Phoenix DTF Curing Ovens - a must have for any direct to film print set up. These user friendly devices will take your direct to film production to the next level. Plus, it comes loaded with features, such as the digital control unit for precise control and consistent results every time!

Heat Press Machines

Heat press machines have revolutionized the way that people can work with their T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other types of fabric-based clothing.

You can learn the 5 Things You Didn't Know About Heat Press Machines by clicking HERE.

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DTF Station Prisma Auto Heat Press

DTF Station Prisma Auto Heat Press


Get acquainted with the Purifier MINI through this short video.

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DTF Station Purifier MINI Portable Air Filter

DTF Station Purifier MINI Portable Air Filter

Curious about how DTF works?

Read our articles, explore the science and learn more to help your business grow.

DTF Powder Applicators and Dryers

No more manual DTF powdering. Simply load prints, and the DTF Powder Applicators & Dryers will apply and dry the powder for you.

Similar to Pretreatment Machines for DTG, these DTF Powder Applicators and Dryers take the DTF printing process to another level, accelerating your workflow and your printing business

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