Regrettably, the Prestige A3+R is discontinued.

Please check our Prestige A4, by clicking below.

Prestige A3+ R

Desktop Direct to Film Printer

DTF Station Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co.
The Next Evolution to DTF Printing-Roll to Roll
Speed up your DTF printing pipeline with optimal results

Start creating your own direct-to-film transfers at the home office or take this setup to events and print custom shirts. Print on various types of fabrics such as cotton, canvas, polyester, blend, nylon, rayon, rubber materials, and more!

DTF Station Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co.
Roll to Roll Desktop Printer

The Prestige A3+ R Printer for DTF is the most affordable printing method around, now with a roll!

  • Must have for beginners
  • Excellent for small businesses
  • Great way to get into the DTF Industry
  • Minimal space to set up

Full Features

  • Versatile
  • Compact Size
  • Roll to Roll Printing
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Maintenance
  • A & B Mirroring Process
  • Auto White Circulation
  • Unique bulk ink system
  • Easy setup/install - less than 10 minutes. Backed by our expert technicians.
  • 1 year warranty for the machine and 6 months for printheads
  • Uses CADLink Software (Windows Only)

Prints on Various Fabrics & Media Types
Prestige A3+R DTF Direct to Film

New Look! The Prestige A3+R now comes with a new exterior, redesigned for a more streamlined appearance without sacrificing any of its performance. Find the full list of changes below:

Top Cover

  • Lighter, durable material change to make lifting the cover easier
  • Altered shape to the front of the cover
  • View window (blue, clear window) no longer opens to help make the cover more solid/easier to lift and close
  • Removal of the support arm - the cover now balances itself when opened to a 90 degree angle

Ink Bay

  • Ink bottles are now covered by an easily removable cover that blends with the printer exterior
  • When the cover is removed, the ink bottles are now able to be pulled out from the printer’s side for easier maintenance
  • In the interior of the machine, there is now a metal barrier placed over the ink bottles

Tray: Sturdier Construction


Better in Pairs
Phoenix Bundle

The Phoenix DTF Curing Oven is perfect for curing your DTF film sheets. This DTF oven has a digital control unit that is easy to set and allows precise settings of temperature and time for consistent results. The fusing process is started at the touch of a button. 

DTF Station Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer and Phoenix 16x20 DTF Curing Oven and Purifier MINI Portable Air Filter All American Print Supply Co.
Bring the Whole Family
Shaker Bundle

No more manual DTF powdering. Take your DTF pipeline to the next level with automatic DTF powder application and drying. A Seismo DTF Powdering machine can be the perfect addition to elevate your DTF pipeline toward speed and ease of use.

DTF Station Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer & Seismo 11 DTF Powder Shaker & Purifier MINI Portable Air Filter All American Print Supply Co.
DTF Station Seismo S20 DTF Powder Station All American Print Supply Co.

Seismo S20 DTF Powder Station


DTF Station Phoenix A2 Curing Oven 16"x24" All American Print Supply Co.

Phoenix A2 Curing Oven - 16" x 24"


DTF Station Prestige DTF Printer Basic Supply Starter Kit 1 including DTF Ink, Cleaning Solution, Nozzle Check Film, and more! All American Print Supply Co.

Prestige DTF Printer Basic Supply Starter Kit 1


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