Print With Precision and Flair With the Prestige R2 DTF Printer!

Featuring a stylish integrated design, the Prestige R2 DTF Printer seamlessly blends desktop convenience with robust performance.

Prestige R2 DTF Printer

Desktop Direct to Film Printer


Prestige R2 DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co.

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Direct to Film Prestige R2 DTF Printer features and benefits.

Small Yet Powerful

Optimize your workspace with the compact Prestige R2 DTF Printer – the perfect DTF printer for small businesses and home users. Its size, in harmony with a user-friendly design, caters to businesses or individuals with restricted rooms. This ensures easy operation for users of all skill levels, enabling them to optimize their workspace without compromising on top-notch printing quality. Elevate your small business or home printing experience with the Prestige R2.

Prestige R2 DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co. Sample print
Prestige R2 DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co. Print heads

Double Power

The Prestige R2 DTF Printer boasts a cutting-edge feature that sets it apart in terms of performance and print quality: it incorporates Twin Epson XP600 Print Heads, a pivotal element ensuring exceptional printing results. These advanced print heads play a crucial role in synchronized operations, ensuring consistent print quality across the entire printing surface. This innovative technology eliminates issues such as banding or uneven printing, enhancing the Prestige R2's standing as a top-notch DTF printer for small businesses and those in search of high-quality direct-to-film printing.

Top Speed

The Prestige R2 stands out as an impressive, high-speed printer tailored for efficient and top-quality printing tasks. Renowned for its exceptional printing speed, it achieves remarkable results at a rate of 27 square feet per hour. This rapid pace makes the Prestige R2 a valuable asset for businesses and professionals across various industries, including advertising, signage, and graphic design. Its swift output not only saves time but also boosts productivity, enabling users to meet tight deadlines and tackle larger projects without compromising on the outstanding print quality synonymous with the Prestige R2 DTF Printer.

Prestige R2 DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co. speed benefit

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Caution: When handling DTF Hot Melt Powder, do not ingest or inhale powder. Harmful if swallowed. Skin irritations may occur. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact with eyes, rinse with large amounts of water. Wear protective clothing, gear, mask and gloves when handling powder. If allergic reaction persists or accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately.