Print With Precision and Flair With the Prestige R2 DTF Printer!

With its chic, integrated design, this printer combines elegant desktop convenience with powerful performance for all those looking to get started with DTF!

Prestige R2 DTF Printer

Desktop Direct to Film Printer


Prestige R2 DTF Printer All American Print Supply Co.

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Small Yet Powerful

The desktop size of the Prestige R2 means it occupies minimal space in your office or workspace. This is particularly valuable for businesses or individuals with limited room to spare. It allows you to maximize your workspace without sacrificing the benefits of a high-quality printer.

Prestige R2's size aligns with a user-friendly design, making it easy for individuals of all skill levels to operate the printer efficiently. This is essential for small businesses or home users who may not have specialized printing expertise.

Double Power

The Prestige R2 printer is equipped with a cutting-edge feature that sets it apart in terms of performance and print quality: it features Twin Epson XP600 Print Heads. These print heads are a key component of the printer, and they play a pivotal role in ensuring exceptional printing results.

 The synchronized operation of the Twin Epson XP600 Print Heads ensures consistent print quality across the entire width of the printing surface, eliminating issues such as banding or uneven printing.

Top Speed

The Prestige R2 is an impressive speed printer designed for efficient and high-quality printing tasks. This printer is renowned for its exceptional printing speed, boasting the capability to produce impressive results at a rate of 27 square feet per hour.

The Prestige R2's ability to print at such a rapid pace makes it a valuable tool for businesses and professionals in various industries, including advertising, signage, and graphic design. Its quick output not only saves time but also allows for increased productivity, enabling users to meet tight deadlines and take on larger projects without compromising on print quality.

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