• Made for

    DTF Station Prestige Printers

  • High color density and wide color gamut
  • Even texture without loss in color vibrancy
  • Pairs with Color Prime DTF Film & Powder 

Looking for DTF Station Ink?

Color Prime DTF ink is the newest, best ink for all DTF Station Prestige printers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why the Switch?

DTF Station has worked with Color Prime Technologies to handcraft a new DTF ink formula that is tailor-made for the best, most consistent, and most vibrant prints on all Prestige DTF printers.

Is it safe to mix Color Prime Ink with my old DTF Station ink?

It depends!

Color Prime Black and White ink can be mixed with DTF Station CMY, Black, and White ink.

Do NOT mix DTF Station CMY ink with Color Prime CMY ink. Once you are out of any of the DTF Station CMY inks, we advise you to drain out all the remaining DTF Station CMY ink in your printer before inserting in the new Color Prime CMY ink.

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