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Hix Universal Stand Adapter Brackets & Spacers

by HIX

Hix Universal Stand Adapter Brackets & Spacers

Add on items for the HIX Universal stand include either the adapter brackets or spacers. The height of Universal Stand is 34" from the floor to the top of the stand. Four spacers increase the height by the indicated amount and provide additional clearance below a clamshell machine to split the shirt (spacers do not work on Swing-away models). Adapter brackets allow the machine with a different footprint to align with Universal Stand's standard mounting holes.

0.5" Spacers (set of 4)

2" Spacers (set of 4)

4" Spacers (set of 4)

SwingMan 20/25 Adapter Brackets

N-680/880 Adapter Brackets

R2R Adapter Brackets