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Zoom-Pro Pre-Treat Sprayer Pretreatment Machine (Price Includes Crating)

by Lawson

Price Includes Crating. Shipping/Freight Will Apply Separately, Please contact us for an accurate shipping quote.

The Lawson Zoom-Pro is a completely self-contained spray chamber that features an automatic slide drawer platen for easy shirt/garment loading. The platen drawer automatically slides out to load your shirt, press the start button (or foot pedal) and then unload your finished shirt in seconds. The Zoom-Pro is shipped fully assembled, ready to plug-in and to start working right out of the crate.

The Lawson Zoom-Pro is an industrial, state-of-the-art pretreat sprayer. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button (or foot pedal) – with zero “out-spray”. The Color Touch Screen can hold up to 40 programmable sequences for instant recall, servo drive spray head with adjustable speed and spray length, shirt orientation, programmable dark, light, poly and custom pretreat solutions, adjustable purge routines a cost calculator, and many more automation features. The Zoom-Pro is for the DTG printer who demands the very best quality control for their workflow.

If you are looking for pretreat spray automation, the Lawson Zoom-Pro features many cost-savings benefits and provides the ultimate in consistent spray applications. These pretreat sprayers work with every direct-to-garment printer’s pretreat solution (including thicker polyester solutions), and we guarantee your total satisfaction!

Eliminate the learning curve needed to spray by hand to properly pretreat your direct-to-garment items. Now you can achieve consistent and professional results on every garment, every time. With simple commands the Zoom-Pro sprays the perfect amount of pre-treat solution every time, so you get quality prints, day after day, and save on the cost of pretreat solution too.

Pre-treat four shirts with the Zoom-Pro in the time it takes to pretreat only one shirt with a Wagner-type hand sprayer.

What’s the difference between the Zoom-AE and the Zoom-Pro?
The Zoom-AE uses manually adjusted controls for the spray length start position, spray speeds, purge routines, and the operator manually opens and closes the slide drawer. The Zoom-Pro features a fully automatic slide drawer for fast and easy loading of shirts, hoodies and specialty items like pants, a programmable color touch screen that you can program up to 40 preset recipes for automatic spraying, bar code scanning and much more. There are two, 2 one gallon containers that are easily accessible that supply pretreat solution and distilled water. A Convenient Food Pedal makes operation even faster and easier.

The Zoom-Pro uses a Color Touch Screen panel to control, automatically, all the spray parameters and can also integrate with your UPC system, if you desire. The Zoom-Pro uses a very strong Electric Pump for the pretreat solution, so you can simply put the supply feed tube directly in to your bulk container (5 gallon, 30 or 55 gallon drum) – great for production shops. Likewise, the Zoom-Pro can use a bulk feeding system to your distilled water supply.

The Zoom-Pro is specifically designed for those DTG printers who want a state-of-the-art sprayer that is easy to use, is reliable and is backed by a manufacturing company serving the imaging industry since 1949.

Standard Features

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Totally Enclosed Spray Chamber
  • User-Friendly Up-Front Controls
  • Floor Casters
  • Storage Shelf
  • Modular Parts
  • Poly-Platen that is easy to clean
  • Elevated 3″ Platen Height for easy loading of bulky items
  • Garment Tuck Tray
  • Electronic/Programmable Adjustable Spray Length
  • Adjustable Spray Volume
  • Purge/Clean Cycle
  • Full Sidewall Gutters for reclaiming pretreat solution
  • Easy Access Spray Chamber
  • Direct-Drive Spray Head
  • Brushless “Servo-Style” Motor for precise spray control
  • Most Consistent Uniform Spray Available
  • Minimal Over-Spray
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Pre-Treat Solution Filter
  • Quick & Easy Hinged Side Access Panel
  • Glass Viewing Pane
  • Ships Fully Assembled, Ready to Use
  • 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Industrial All Metal Design
  • 120 Volts, Plug-In Wiring
  • ETL/CE Compliant

Optional Features

  • Special Nozzle/Tips for specialty applications: $45.00 – $55.00
  • U.S.A. Crating: $295
  • Export Crating: $440
  • Export Electrics: $395
    Model #1620
    Direct-to-Textile Yes
    Number of Spray Heads 1 (optional left-chest and other configurations)
    Estimated Spray Path Width up to 18″
    Estimated Spray Path Length Adjustable up to 20″
    Maximum Image Size 18″ x 20″
    Standard Platen Size 16″ x 20″
    Estimated Length, Width, Height 34″ x 27″ x 24″ (without floor legs)
    34″ x 27″ x 52″ (with floor legs)
    total length with Drawer Extened is 60″
    Electrical Requirements 120 volts, Standard Plug-In Wiring
    Air Requirements None
    Solution Containers 2, 1-Gallon Containers
    Estimated Unit Weight 150 lbs.
    Estimated Leg Kit Weight 30 lbs.
    Estimated Crate Size (W x L x H) 32″ x 58 ” x 32″ (60″ with legs assembled)
    Estimated Crated Weight 280 lbs.
    WENL Spray Tip on Zoom-Pro
    Speed Estimates Grams
    35% 35 – 40
    40% 30 – 35
    50% 26 – 30
    80% 12 – 15
    *Always pre-test to determine appropriate settings for your substrate and environment

    *Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice