Brand New Proxima Dual Heat Presses from All American Print Supply Co.

Summer is upon us and we are ready to double up the heat on your printing business - heat PRESS that is.  We are excited to announce the arrival of our all new line of dual station heat presses machines: the Proxima Heat Press Series.  Building on the tremendous success of this year's launch of our Prisma line of heat press equipment, the time has come to unveil our latest offering to put your operation into overdrive.  Now why would a dual station heat press machine be the missing piece to increase your efficiency and workflow? Let’s take a look.


Whether you believe your business has a need FOR a dual station heat press, there is no denying the increase in productivity this can bring to the table.  It can be said that the long term costs are not necessarily in the printing equipment pieces themselves but rather the LABOR.  Adding a dual heat press machine removes wasted production time print staff will spend waiting for the pressing cycle to finish as well as heating element idle time waiting to unload and load.  All without adding any extra labor cost to your overhead.


Proxima Dual Heat Press main photo


We understand that everyone is at different stages of their businesses and have different production volumes and budgets.  It is with that in mind we strive to provide offerings for everyone. Up first in our dual heat press lineup is the Proxima Dual Heat Press.  This entry level dual station machine makes the perfect upgrade from current heat press to speed up your output in a manual open close set up.  With an included industry standard 16 x 20 heating element, the monster can run the garment with heat transfer application for everything from heat transfer vinyl to direct to film.


Proxima Semi Auto Heat Press


For those who run production in a store front or place of business, you already understand the value of an automatic heat press.  Some transfers can take minutes to produce and with the importance of proper settings in every step of production, you really can’t afford to step away from the machine in order to make sure things come out properly.  Enter the Proxima Semi-Auto Dual Heat Press.  Combining all the efficiency of the Proxima Dual Heat Press with the added option for both semi-auto or manual operation, you can rest assured that if a customer needs your attention you can step away with confidence knowing the preset countdown time will release on it’s own when it is supposed to (air compressor required for semi-auto function, not included).


Now for those ready to take your production to the next level, we have the Proxima Auto Dual Heat Press.  I personally love this machine as it significantly adds in the productivity of heat pressing by relieving the operator of the physical tasks normally associated with manually clamping machines.  Enjoy fully pneumatic manufacturing like never before with this powerhouse of a press.  Did I mention the entire Proxima Dual Heat Press line is 110V US standard electrical?

As you can see, no matter what stage of your business you are in, the increase in efficiency and production a dual heat press can bring is undeniable.  In many instances, this can mean either sky high costs or even the need of an electrician to rewire our work space.  With our range of presses in this category we are sure to have something for everyone.  Turn up the heat on your workflow output without doubling your labor costs - the Proxima Dual Heat Presses are here!


Estevan Romero from All American Print Supply Co.

Estevan Romero

Brand Marketing Lead

Estevan Romero began making YouTube videos back in 2017 to help new business owners learn how to use their products and grow their operation. He has been featured in many companies content such as Siser North America, Key Print Co and more. He has been featured as a speaker/presenter nationwide across the tradeshow circuit sharing information and insight to the print community audience and brings 13+ years of experience to the table.


You can meet Estevan and more of the friendly All American Print Supply Co team by visiting the company live events calendar and our YouTube channel.
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Met Estevan and several other AA Print Supply members at the Irving /DFW show. Everybody was great and it was inspiring to Estevan is as enthusiastic in person as he is in the videos. He took pictures with me and others. AA Print Supply you are fortunate to have him, he is a great reflection to have representing your company

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