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Things are heating up over at STS with the addition of a Large Format DTF printer in the form of the STS Mutoh XPJ-1682D.

Let’s see how this bad-boy stacks against his little brother, the VJ-628D.

So right off the bat there are some major differences. The XPJ-1682D is an absolute unit, practically double in size from the VJ-628D. The XPJ-1682D can print on media that is 64 inches wide, way larger than the 628D’s 24 inch media. You could literally shove 3 extra-large pizzas side-by-side through the 1682D and still have room for almost another half of a pizza.

Although both printers utilize the impressive DX7 print head, the 1682D has a staggered DUAL HEAD setup boasting an impressive 100+ transfers per hour. Although the smaller 628D can muster up an impressive 42 transfers per hour, the 64 inch media width combined with the dual heads really amplify the capabilities of these machines. 

The 628D has a wonderful option of utilizing the 220ml ink cartridges or the 1 liter bulk ink pouches with the bulk ink adapters. The 1 liter bulk ink pouches with the bulk ink adapters come standard with the 64” 1682D. Everything about the 1682D is bigger, stronger, and faster.

Now, the 1682D has an impressive feature that overshadows its little brother. I’ll say it in an all-caps-rage to signify how cool this is. You Ready?

AUTOMATIC MEDIA DETECTION AND HEAD ALIGNMENT. AUTOMATIC! How awesome is that, right? You slide in the media, and sensors align both sides and the height. Baby brother 628D can’t do that (little brothers are so lame). The XPJ-1682D also features a user-friendly touch panel, added LED lighting, and an upgraded media feed flange that allows you or your team to load media and exchange multiple rolls easily and quickly. These super amazing features are designed to increase user friendly operation and maintenance while continuing to offer high production and high-quality output.

All these differences are awesome (giving options for both the smaller shop and the power producer), but let’s swing back to the similarities. Like we mentioned previously, both printers utilize the DX7 print head. With eight channels and 180 nozzles per channel this print head has a native resolution of 1440 dpi (dots per inch). Partnered with the SAI’s Flexi DTF Pro Software and STS’ Water-based textile printing ink that QHD dpi is utilized to its fullest.

Speaking of STS’ DTF ink: This DTF designed ink is manufactured in the US and color-matched from batch to batch so that you get perfect prints every time.  After applying the Direct to Film transfer powder and ink the transferred images will consistently have an amazing hand feel with great wash fastness.

The best part about this little DTF family is that these printers are manufactured in Japan and have their OEKO-TEX safety passports. Since they have their passports, there is no issue coming to the US with a standard 1 year warranty and showing up these US based printers. Almost like a one-two punch of DTF powerhouses.


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