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" The times, they are a-changin' "

- Bob Dylan

     As a company, the path to direct to film printing was very organic - and it all started with direct to GARMENT. That is right, it was with the Epson line of dtg machines that we started putting ink to film and the rest is history. Now, it was not a plug and play system. There was testing involved, and the early stages required sending multiple jobs to produce one transfer - with adjustments! It was not simply a matter of sending the CMYK print before the white overprint - settings needed to be modified to make this process work.

     In the early days sending each individual print with lowered amount of ink and turned up brightness was the only way to get things done - and don’t forget about manual mirroring! This was essentially how everyone was running DTF. Tinkering around with the right settings and sending multiple prints to achieve a single transfer was simply the way things got done - until we started putting our Kothari NeoRIP software to work. In short, the main advantages of Kothari PREVIOUSLY were:
• Ink savings per print
• Additional T-shirt color environments
• Better handling of complex artwork (glows/gradients)
• Much more control options over every print

     Fast forward to present day -> Kothari now comes standard with an ADDITIONAL print environment: DIRECT TO FILM. What does this mean for the end user? Out of the box (and in a single job) you can send direct to film prints to your direct to garment printer and enjoy:
• The correct amount of ink
• The correct order of ink layers
• Fine tuned color profiling for the DTF process
• Even auto mirrored artwork!

     Risk-free trials are still available and if you purchased your Epson direct to garment printer FROM All American, you are entitled to a pretty nice discount off of MSRP. However, even with all of the above mentioned benefits and the sheer fact the ink savings can literally pay for the program over time some folks have still not jumped on the Kothari wagon yet.


     Well thanks to All American Print Supply the power of direct to film printing is now available to be sent in a single job with the Epson F3070 using Garment Creator - without the need to purchase an additional RIP software upgrade. Recently on our channel we gave the world premiere of step-by-step how to unlock this hidden feature in the free Epson program to send DTF prints with the correct ink layering. In our handy reference guide we walk you through adjustment by adjustment on how to set up your own custom profile for these transfers.

     It is worth mentioning that registration issues with the ink layers may be present initially. These issues can require what we call ‘feed adjustments’. The F3070 was designed as a one-pass printer, meaning that it lays down the CMYK + WHITE ink layers almost simultaneously. In order to properly run direct to film, we'll need to reverse this process and essentially run the machine backwards. Luckily, the feed adjustment video we prepared a while back will make this a much smoother process.

     The same reason you put higher octane gas in a performance vehicle you want to outfit your racecar of a printer with the right fuel to get the job done and maximize what it is truly capable of. While Kothari NeoRIP is the clear cut choice to not only get the best prints possible, but also to be more profitable with every job by saving ink and delivering the highest grade direct to film transfers made with a DTG printer - there are now options for those who opt for the free Garment Creator Epson software. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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