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"Each day has a color, a smell" 

― Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Color Prime DTF Film

Attention direct to film printers - roll to rollers, and individual sheeters - there are some new tools in the toolbox. If you have noticed a new name on our DTF print media lineup (COLOR PRIME), do not adjust your viewing screens. Some of our old favorite formulas have taken a new namesake, and with it comes some awesome nuances when it comes to direct to film printing. Introducing, from Color Prime, Universal and Quick Glide DTF film solutions.

Universal: Hot & Cold

Color Prime Universal film boasts the unfamiliar feature of being both a hot and cold peel film with a highly sophisticated release layer adept at handling high temperatures to a higher degree when compared to other films on the market. Through our testing, we have gotten consistent results as both a sheet solution for hybrid direct to garment/direct to film printing as well as roll to roll options. This flexibility may not seem like a big deal, but depending on the operator's workflow, this flexibility can be a game-changer.

When it comes to color vibrancy and accuracy, graphics print beautifully thanks to the high ink loading layer which allows unparalleled absorption (WITHOUT MIXING) of both the CMYK and White overprint layers. This particular media checks the user-friendly box as well, as the easily distinguishable matte print side cuts down on mistakes, especially in high production output situations.

Quick Glide: Instant Peel

Speaking of high production print setups, let's talk about the new QUICK GLIDE DTF film. If you think about it, how hot is a hot peel? How long are you waiting after the initial application before ripping the sheet? Are you rubbing the freshly pressed hot peel direct to film transfer with a garment or textile before peeling?

Building off Color Prime’s new high ink loading DTF film layer technology, this media is available for both sheet and roll to roll setups. Plus, Quick Glide is no slouch in the boldness department, as it brings to the table the rich vibrancy we have come to know from the Color Prime family of products. But the best feature by far has to be the INSTANT PEEL functionality. Press the transfer for a quick 10 to 15 seconds and INSTANTLY peel the material for unparalleled efficiency. It's not just fast, it's QUICK.

Made for Prestige & Aries

The Color Prime goal is to offer consistent, high-quality direct to film printing solutions no matter what machine you are running. While they have been engineered with custom printing profiles for top of the line production with the DTF Station Prestige line of direct to film printers and Aries UV DTF printers, we can confirm these are fully compatible with most direct to film printers, roll to roll powder machines, AND direct to garment printers on the market.

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