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All American Print Supply Co Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas Fort Worth

Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth Texas

HELLLOOOO TEXAS!! Fort Worth here we come!

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Come meet our team of experts at the Fort Worth Convention Center Impressions Expo as we showcase some of your favorite machines, have live demos, Q&A on your most frequently asked questions and not to mention SAVE % on our demo units!

September 30th-October 2nd, 2022 Booth #101

1201 Houston St

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Show Dates & times as follows:

Friday September 30th, 2022 10am-5pm

Saturday October 1st, 2022 10am-5pm

Sunday October 2nd, 2022 10am-3pm

IG Live Demos throughout the event!

Promo Show Prices now REVEALED!

We will be showcasing the following during the tradeshow:

Direct to Garment (DTG)


Retail Price

Demo Unit Price

New Unit Price

Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer

$15,995 (MSRP $18,995)

$14,995 (save $1,000)


Kothari RIP Software for F2100


demo use only

$1,080 (Save 10% off)

Epson SureColor F3070 DTG Printer


$45,000 (save $9,395)


Kothari RIP Software for F3070


demo use only

$2,160 (save 10% off)

Kothari RIP Software for F2000


demo use only

$900 (save 10% off)

Mister T2 Pro Pretreatment Machine

$4,495 (MSRP $4,995)

$3,820.75 (save 15% off)

$4,045 (save 10% off)

Direct to Film (DTF)


Retail Price

Demo Unit Price

New Unit Price

Prestige A3+ Printer for DTF

$3,195 (MSRP $3,995)

$2,715.75 (save 15% off)

$2,875.50 (save 10% off)

Prestige A3+ R Printer for DTF


$3,395.75 (save 15% off)

$3,595.50 (save 10% off)

Phoenix A2 16x24 Curing Oven

$899 (MSRP $999)

$764.15 (save 15% off)

$809.10 (save 10% off)

Phoenix A3+ Curing Oven


$594.15 (save 15% off)

$629.10 (save 10% off)

Prestige XL2 DTF Printer (+3 month Printflo)


$3,820.75 (save 15% off)

$4,045 (save 10% off)

STS XpertJet 1682D DTF Printer


$25,075 (save 15% off)

$26,550 (save 10% off)

STS VJ628D-C Printer (Program 2)


demo unit display only

$9,943.90 (save 15% off)

Portable Purifier Mini


$339.15 (save 15% off)

$359.10 (save 10% off)

Micro X DTF Purifier from Filtrabox


$1,959.25 (save 15% off)

$2,074.50 (save 10% off)

California Air Tool 2hp 10 Gal Air Compressor


$395.70 (save 15% off)

$415.80 (save 10%)

Powder Shakers & Dryers


Retail Price

Demo Unit Price

New Unit Price

Seismo A24 Powder Applicator & Dryer

$9,880 (MSRP $10,199)

demo unit display only

$9,880 (MSRP $10,199)

Seismo A51 Powder Applicator & Dryer

$ 19,435 (MSRP $19,995)

$16,519.75 (save 15% off)

$17,491.50 (save 10% off)

Seismo 11 Powder Applicator & Dryer

$2,499 (MSRP $2,999)

$2,124.15 (save 15% off)

$2,425.50 (save 10% off)

Seismo S20 Powder Applicator

$2,695 (MSRP $2,995)

$2,290.75 (save 15% off)

$2,425.50 (save 10% off)

Ecofreen Mister T Cyclone Powder Applicator

$14,995 (MSRP $16,995)

$12,745.75 (save 15% off)

$13,495.50 (save 1% off)

Heat Presses & More


Retail Price

Demo Unit Price

New Unit Price

Prisma Auto Heat Press


$1,039.20 (save 20% off)

$1,104.15 (save 15% off)

Proxima Semi-Auto Dual Heat Press


$2,399.20 (save 20% off)

$2,549.15 (save 15% off)

Proxima Heat Press Platens


demo unit display only

save 10% off

Ecofreen Mister Table


$483.65 (save 15% off)

$512.10 (save 10% off)

MUST attend event in order to receive event prices on equipment. Limited quantities. First come first serve. Promo cannot be combined with any other special discounts or offers. * All PROMO PRICES and EQUIPMENT are subject to change*

*Please see specialist for more details*

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Epson SureColor F2100 for your T shirt printing business

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hotronix auto clam heat press

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mister t2 pretreatment machine

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Epson F3070 Direct to Garment Printer
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Since 1986, All American Print Supply Co. has been a provider of printing equipment and supplies to a variety of industries in every corner of the globe.

Our diverse product line offers solutions for direct-to-substrate digital printing, direct-to-garment digital printing, direct to film printing, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, cutters, vinyl, hotfix rhinestones, hotfix sequin embellishments and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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